200 Treasures of the Australian Museum

200 Treasures of the Australian Museum

--​ ​Uncover​ ​hidden​ ​stories​ ​in​ ​the​ ​newly-restored​ ​Westpac​ ​Long​ ​Gallery​ ​--

Permanent​ ​exhibition
Australian​ ​Museum,​ ​1​ ​William​ ​Street,​ ​Sydney
Free​ ​after​ ​general​ ​admission.​ ​Adults​ ​$15,​ ​kids​ ​go​ ​free.​ ​Opening​ ​hours​ ​9.30am​ ​-​ ​5pm​ ​daily

The Australian Museum (AM) has unveiled one of the greatest collection of treasures in the country's history, revealing the objects and people who have shaped the nation.

The landmark exhibition 200 Treasures of the Australian Museum also celebrates the reopening of the neo-classical Long Gallery, the nation's oldest gallery, built between 1846 and 1855, after a two-year restoration.

The $9 million restoration and permanent exhibition were funded in equal partnership between Westpac, the NSW Government and the Australian Museum Foundation.

The AM marks its 190-year history by showcasing some of the most important and intriguing items in its collection of more than 18 million objects, including Captain Cook's feathered cape and a 120-million- year-old Australian pliosaur nicknamed 'Eric'.

The 100 treasures of history, science and culture also include:
200 Treasures of the Australian Museum The body of a preserved Thylacine pup, dating back to 1886;
200 Treasures of the Australian Museum The Sydney funnel-web spider responsible for the only recorded human death by this species;
200 Treasures of the Australian Museum A bird-shaped stone pestle made in Papua New Guinea between 3000 and 8000 years ago;
200 Treasures of the Australian Museum A 2800-year- old Egyptian mummy in a wooden coffin painted with mythological scenes;
200 Treasures of the Australian Museum A sledge and ice pick from Sir Douglas Mawson's expedition to Antarctica, 1911-1914;
200 Treasures of the Australian Museum A prehistoric Irish Elk skeleton with enormous antlers, discovered in peat bog deposits;
200 Treasures of the Australian Museum Australia's first bank note, issued on April 8, 1817; and
200 Treasures of the Australian Museum A 10-kilogram gold nugget discovered in 1887, the only remaining example of its kind from the early gold-rush
years in NSW.

The 100 treasured objects are matched by 100 people who have helped shape the nation through contributions to history, science, nature, sport or culture, such as Cathy Freeman, Sir Donald Bradman, Professor Fred Hollows, Eddie Mabo, Ned Kelly and Kylie Minogue


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