RSVP is Australias largest online dating site.

Its a great place for singles to meet, whether its to meet new friends, extend your social circle, start dating again or search for a partner.

More than 920,000 singles are members of RSVP.

You can search through profiles, email other members, chat online or sign up to RSVP mobile to access the service from your mobile phone handset.

RSVP is Australian owned and offers a local customer support service, contactable by phone or email 7 days a week.

If you are new to RSVP, visit our section on Tips & Ideas or register for alerts to RSVPs fortnightly eMagazine for more insights and information on our service.

Registering on RSVP is easy - and free! It enables you to get in contact with other singles in Sydney on our network in a secure, anonymous environment where you have the control over whom you meet.

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