is a self help and strategy assistance service that provides Legal information and also shares with you the experiences of thousands of Ex-Defendants who have been charged with the same types of offences. This service is available to any person(s) charged with a Summary or Indictable Offence in Australia so that you the Defendant can now help yourself!!

This resource of information has never been made available before in Australia.You will now be armed with the knowledge that you need and the knowledge that your Solicitor/Barrister wants to charge you $2,000.00-$6,000.00 a day for!

The Defendants family, friends or loved ones may also use this service.

Its purpose is to save the person charged (Defendant) a huge amount of money, time, stress, anxiety and possible prison time.

Its purpose is also to make the Defendant aware of the processes and consequences of being charged with a Summary or Indictable offence, in a simple and straight forward manner.

The processes being Legal information on Arrest/Extradition, Bail, Jurisdiction, Charge(s), Solicitor/Barrister, Police Brief of Evidence, Committal Hearing, OPP/DPP, Informants, Crown Witness(s), Mention(s), Submissions, Trial, Juries, Sentence, Appeals etc and how to survive in Prison if you end up there!!

This service is not provided by Solicitors/Barristers, it is provided by Ex-Defendants or convicted person(s) who may have served a term of imprisonment in Australian prisons and have paid their debt to society and now have first hand knowledge of how the Legal system really works. does not provide Legal advice, nor does it carry out any type of Legal work, nor does it have any type of Legal client/customer privilege. This service is not intended to replace your Solicitor/Barrister it is simply a way to save you and the Courts time by streamlining the process.

Scroll down this page for more details. Contact us now for something new, the truth! We do not have a hidden agenda.


NEW SOUTH WALES: Mobile 0449 10 444 3

VICTORIA: Mobile 0405 43 51 77

QUEENSLAND: Mobile 0405 43 26 24

SA/ACT/NT: Mobile 0405 43 48 01

WA/TASMANIA: Mobile 0449 10 444 3

Or Email us at This service will be provided by phone and a small cost will be involved.

Please note all calls with silent/blocked/unidentified numbers will not be answered!



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