Planet Ark

Planet Arks aim is to show people and business the many ways that they can reduce their day to day impact on the environment - at home, at work and in the community.

Its an Australian not-for-profit organisation that was set up in June 1991.

Planet Ark is unashamedly populist!
We try to keep our environmental campaigns as positive as possible. In short, we define ourselves by what we are for rather than what we are against. This approach has struck a strong chord with the Australian public, millions of whom have joined in our environmental campaigns.

Planet Ark is non-political
We wont tell you who to vote for or align ourselves with any political party. We endeavour to work with whichever government is in office to bring about environmental change.

Planet Ark is non-confrontational
Planet Ark does not protest or hold demonstrations. Instead we aim to appeal to the general public who perhaps feel uncomfortable protesting, but none the less still want to help the environment.

Planet Ark is a not-for-profit organisation
Planet Ark is largely funded by corporate sponsorship. We work in partnership with businesses and organisations that want to help us in bringing about real environmental change. We are also funded through the sale of a range of environmentally responsible products and product endorsements, and a small number of government grants.

Planet Ark asks for lifestyle change, not loose change!
When Planet Ark began it was decided that we wouldnt seek public membership or subscriptions. We did not want the public to support us in this way at the expense of other environment groups that are membership-based and rely on membership funding.

Rather than asking for money, this has given us the freedom in our public education campaigns to focus on showing people the simple changes they can make in their lives that will lessen their impact on the environment.

Much of our work is carried out at the local community level via partnerships with councils, community groups and retail outlets. In fact, its the sponsorship from these partnerships that helps to fund Planet Ark.

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 Telephone: 02 8484 7200

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