Houseboat Hire Australia

Houseboat holidays in Australias varied waterways offer several attractions and landscapes to awe you.

Explore the many riverscapes, lakes, harbors and shores with scenic sights and pristine waters. There are a number of activities to amuse you and your family. For an enjoyable holiday, you may go fishing or crabbing.

Adventure enthusiasts may engaged in the various water sports available like skiing and surfing. Our fleet of houseboats comes in different sizes, from a two berth to a twelve birth. We cater to intimate groups like a couple on their honeymoon and large groups like a company outing.

Our houseboats are equipped with modern and improved amenities like comfortable beds, a functional kitchen and various furniture. Your houseboat will surely have all the convenience of your home. It is easy to handle and you only need to pay for the fuel you have consumed

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Houseboat Hire Australia

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