Cell Bikes

Cell Bikes is the #1 Online Sydney Bike Shop in Sydney.

The Cell Bikes showroom in Stanmore, NSW has over 100 bicycles on display, as well as hundreds of bicycle accessories to choose from, with the goal of providing Australia with another choice for reliable affordable bicycles and accessories, regardless of where you live!

Cell Bikes can fix and repair your bicycle, and are happy to answer any kind of cycling related questions you may have.

An Australian owned and operated brand, all bikes are designed by Cell Bikes in-house. Cell Bikes was established with the aim to give consumers the best deal. By utilising efficient production systems, bulk purchasing power, combined with industry knowledge and experience, they have been able to produce top quality bikes made from the highest quality parts, all at most competitive prices.

Their ability to use their bulk purchasing power to purchase high quality brand name parts at a significant discount and bypass the middle man, providing their bikes direct to you, means theyre also passing the savings which on to you too!

4 Good Reasons To Purchase Your Next Bike From Cell Bikes: