State of Origin - Broadcast Review

State of Origin - Broadcast Review

The State of Origin series has turned into a farce which has viewers turning off in their droves. Spectators at the final game of the 2016 series were its lowest in 20 years with even lower television viewer numbers.

While the NRL would have Australian's believe the competition is widely popular, attendance at games is by hardcore NRL fans, falling television numbers in the 3 competing states and poor numbers in other states.

With RUGBY dying a slow death across the eastern states, Channel Nine and the NRL have colluded to showcase its interstate competition as a "fierce rivalry" when its nothing more than marketing spin.

In the concluding game of 2016, NSW won a one-sided biased game heavily favouring the NSW team that received 17 penalties compared to 4 for Queensland. As the Queensland captain (Smith) remarked to the offending referee, we might be bad but we're not that bad.

NINE Coverage

The commentary team led by Warren who is well past his use-by date, produced a heavily one-sided bias to the NSW players, team, referee decisions and play, typical of games over the past years.

From a viewer perspective, it's frustrating and unprofessional.

One wonders whether NINE and the NRL conclude the biased commentary creates some form of rivalry to entice viewers but the opposite happens. Australian sports fans are educated, passionate and aware. A biased commentary stands out like a fart at a funeral, and just as embarrassing.

Wake up NRL, the game is dying

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State of Origin - Broadcast Review

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State of Origin - Broadcast Review
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