Driver 2 U-Designated Driver Services

Driver 2 U Designated Driver Service is available to you for any reason and occasion.

Whether you have had a few drinks and might be over the legal limit for driving or whether you are incapacitated in some way (perhaps through sickness or surgery) then we can drive you in your car wherever you are going - to or from home!

We will drive our car to your pickup point then a driver will drive your vehicle to your destination followed by our other driver, all for not much more than the price of a taxi. You dont have the hassle and cost of a taxi the next day to collect your car - if its still where you left it !

Whatever the occasion we are available - business lunch or dinner, dinner with your loved ones, weddings, wakes, corporate functions, christenings, theatre, wine tastings, winery tours, sporting events, day surgery, harbour cruises and more!!

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 Telephone: 0404083428

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Driver 2 U-Designated Driver Services 

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