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Freestyle Cyclists' Helmet Optional Ride

Cyclists will go helmet free in rides across Australia on Saturday 17 March in support of helmet choice.

Organised by Freestyle Cyclists the rides aim to highlight the importance of cycling as a healthy and sustainable form of transport but which is being held back in Australia because of helmet legislation.

We have healthier people and more liveable cities if we leave the car at home and use a bike instead. But if you do this in Australia and don't wear a crash helmet you will be fined.

In most countries people are free to attend to everyday activities by bike dressed in everyday clothing. Freestyle Cyclists wants Australia to join the rest of the world and move beyond helmet fines.

Internationally bike helmet laws have been almost universally rejected. These laws prevent the uptake of cycling while offering no significant safety benefit. The practice of fining people for this healthy and benign activity makes no sense.

It's time to say enough. Stop fining healthy transport.

Web Link: Freestyle Cyclists' Helmet Optional Ride


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