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Australian Heritage Festival 2018: My Culture My Story

The National Trust Heritage Festival runs each year in April and May and is a celebration of our shared heritage.

This year the Australian Heritage Festival is focusing on the theme My Culture My Story. We will be celebrating the diversity of cultures that have shaped our shared heritage. The Festival is an opportunity to reflect on the places where we live work and travel and why they are special.

Join communities across Australia as they treasure their local cultural heritage by telling their stories and celebrating their traditions including storytelling music food dance traditional games and crafts.

Please join us and get involved for what will be an amazing celebration.

The Australian Heritage Festival is generously supported through funding from the Australian Government’s National Trusts Partnership Program.

Share your community’s story by considering the importance of the places in your local area. The National Heritage List is a great place to start. It’s a list of natural historic and Indigenous places of outstanding significance to the nation.

Web Link: Australian Heritage Festival 2018: My Culture My Story


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