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No Meat May 2018

Are you ready to meet May? #nomeatmay: A challenge to become... less of a meathead. #31days #nomeat #4bigreasons

No Meat May is a campaign and registered Australian charity that challenges people to eliminate meat from their diets for 31 days for 4 big reasons (health environment animals and food security).

No Meat May is not for the weak willed or the wuss-bags it is for those brave planet-loving badasses keen to reduce the serious impact of the world's meat consumption and gain insights into their eating habits and the current culture in the western world of over consumption.

It's a call to action for conscious meat eaters or bold beginners to step on up their positive impact in the world become less of a meat-head and eat no-meat (or no meat or animal products) during the month of May.


No Meat May an Australian initiative challenging people to give meat the chop for the month of May is set to attract a record number of participants in 2018 following its adoption across 12 countries.

Now in its sixth year No Meat May encourages curious carnivores to ditch meat or all animal products (including dairy and eggs) from their diets for 31 days for four good reasons: Improving personal health ending factory farming feeding the world and saving the planet.

By participating in the cause for just one month on average each No Meat May participant will save at least 31 grateful animals avoid 7kgs of meat consumption and prevent approximately 108kgs of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.

Research suggests that more than 2 Million Australians now identify as vegetarian and Australia boasts the third fastest growing vegan market in the world According to No Meat May co-founder Ryan Alexander No Meat May gives participants a no-strings-attached opportunity to remove meat from their diets for a relatively short period of time and in doing so to make a tangible difference to their health the wellbeing of animals and the environment.

“If just 20 percent of Aussies participated in No Meat May they would collectively save over 124 million animals and over 430000 tonnes of carbon dioxide in just that one month” he said.

That said the No Meat May effect tends to continue long after May 31st with 94 percent of past participants going on to reduce their total meat consumption and one third permanently eliminating meat from their diets.

“Meanwhile animal Agriculture is a leading cause of climate change rainforest destruction species extinction ocean dead zones and fresh water consumption and it takes more than nine times the fossil fuel to produce one calorie of meat than it does for one calorie of plant protein. Once you start looking into it the drivers to switching to a more plant based diet are hard to argue with” said Alexander.

However Alexander’s partner and No Meat May co-founder Guy James Whitworth insists that despite the doom and gloom the No Meat May movement focuses on the positive and proactive elements of challenging one’s thoughts and behaviours and the adventure of trying a different way of life for a short while rather than ‘beating people over the heads with hard facts shame and guilt trips.’

“Food should be about fun pleasure and nourishment. While our message is inherently serious no one wants to be preached to and we believe behavioural change should be an exciting adventure and a dabble with reinvention” said Whitworth.

“We recognise that people change incrementally over time and No Meat May provides a safe stepping stone evidence-based information and support for that bold first step. There are so many exciting reasons to engage and inspire people to become plant powered superheroes” he said.

After signing up on the website No Meat May participants can access mouth-watering plant-based recipes and nutritional guidance and attend a range of special events at the No meat May “HQ” in Sydney’s Mascot ' including a conservation photography exhibition and plant-based cooking classes.

No Meat May

Launched in 2013 by Ryan Alexander & Guy James Whitworth a couple of passionate creatives wanting to do some good ' No Meat May started with thirty of their friends all giving up meat for the month of May. Many of whom are now active contributors and part of the No Meat May team.


1) Visit the No Meat May Website and sign up
2) Challenge your friends and colleagues to join you and/or share your journey by sharing on social media.
3) Download recipes and nutritional advice from the site to get you inspired
4) Take photos and share what’s in your lunchbox or on your plate for the month - #ShowUsYourLunchBox
5) Attend events and cooking classes


‘Revolution Starts Here’
Photography Exhibition

Curated as part of No Meat May and the Head On Photo Festival this inaugural exhibition uses powerful imagery from around the globe to explore challenge and hopefully inspire solutions to the big issues around our unsustainable consumption of meat and animal products. Featuring award-winning photographers from across the globe.

21 April ' 13 May
Open Thurs-Sun 10am ' 6pm

Cooking Classes

All classes include the meal you’ve prepared wine and a film screening to follow.

April 22
4:00 PM - 7:30 PM
$50 per person
Delectable Dumplings with Amy Vuong (Screening: Carnage)

April 28
4:30 PM - 7:30 PM
$80 per person
Plant Powered Pasta with Alessio Gogo (Gogo Vego)
(Screening: What The Health)

May 5
6:00 PM ' 9:00 PM
$50 per person
Pizza Party with No Meat May Masterchef Stephen Ala Carter (Screening: Racing Extinction)

May 12
1:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Superfood Ramen Workshop ' Cooking with Yoshiko (Screening: Carnage)

May 13
4:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Easy Italian cuisine with Sarah (Screening: Carnage)

Film Screenings

Carnage: Simon Amstell’s comedy mockumentary based in 2067 when the world has gone vegan.

Racing Extinction: Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment Oscar-winner Louie Psihoyos (The Cove) assembles a team of artists and activists intent on showing the world never-before-seen images that expose issues of endangered species and mass extinction.

What the health: The health film that health organisations don’t want you to see!

Web Link: No Meat May 2018


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