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Europe is always a good idea

Stella Downer Fine Art warmly invites you to

Deirdre Bean, Rod Holdaway, Steve Lopes & Ian Marr

Europe is always a good idea

29 August - 7 October 2017

Opening Saturday 2 September, 3 - 5 pm

MARR Europe has held a dominant focus in each of their practices this
year. The results are as successful and rich as expected.
Working with watercolour DEIRDRE BEAN distils her experience into
memory laden still lifes. Delicately composed and carefully researched,
she creates unlikely, yet considered pairings of symbolic objects that
evoke poetic narratives from her travels along the Western Front.
With a deft hand STEVE LOPES responds emotively to his time spent
travelling in Europe. Loose and free brushwork blurs the line between
realism and abstraction in his poignant en plein air works. Travelling
through multiple countries, variations of colour palette and subject
change the mood subtly, deepening our experience of the European
Situating himself in France as his place of inspiration, ROD HOLDAWAY
embraced the energy and heat of a Parisian summer. Working en plein
air with pastel on paper, as well as pen on iPad drawings he challenged
himself to respond to such an iconic city of structures. Filled with light
and movement there is a rawness that is as fresh as the artist's first
encounter with them.
IAN MARR'S colour palette seems very much at home in the European
landscape. Working with golden hues, deep blues and greens he creates
works of tonal graduations of oil upon copper. What strikes true is his
eye for the changing light the landscape, captured with hints of copper
glinting through.

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Europe is always a good idea

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