Spinaleze | Pillows

Spinaleze | Pillows

A Unique Pillow Designed & Engineered For Spinal Support
Spinaleze is NO ordinary pillow

Stress Relief through Advanced Spinal Support

Spinaleze is a Quality Australian Made Product

A healthier nights sleep for you and your family

Made with material suitable for Asthma sufferers

A Unique Luxurious Pillow Designed & Engineered For Spinal Support
Researched and Proudly made in AUSTRALIA
FREE SHIPPING for a limited time !!!

Researched - to find the perfect pillow

Over 10 years in research and testing to to provide maximum comfort and support whilst you sleep.
Designed - for support

Your Spinaleze pillow will contour and take shape around your neck during sleep making your pillow unique to your size and shape.
Engineered - for maximum comfort

Snuggly soft and very supportive your Spinaleze pillow is made with Ultrafresh an antimicrobial and anti dust mite material keeping your pillow hygienic and healthy.

Low Profile Pillow - Back Sleepers
Back Sleepers for All Heights.
$ 199 FREE Shipping & Handling

Medium Pillow - Side Sleepers
Side Sleepers UNDER 6ft in height
$ 199 FREE Shipping & Handling

High Profile Pillow - Side Sleepers
Side Sleepers OVER 6ft or broad shoulders.
$ 199 FREE Shipping & Handling

Shop 4 197 Military Rd Neutral Bay NSW 2089 (Cnr Rangers Rd and Military Rd)
1300 886 345

Monday-Friday 11am - 5:30pm and Saturday 10:45am - 3pm)

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