Dick Smith

Everyone has heard of Dick Smith

Over the years Dick Smith has come to the attention of everyday Australian's as an every day Aussie with a passion and enthusiasm for many things.

Dick Smith | Aviator - 1982-83 completed the first solo helicopter flight around the world.

Dick Smith | Foods - marketed as a crusade against foreign ownership of Australian food producers.

Dick Smith | The Best in Tech at Amazing Prices - Dick Smith Electronics was an Australia-wide chain of retail stores that sold consumer electronics goods

The company was founded in Sydney in 1968 by Dick Smith until it was sold to Woolworths in 1982.

In 2016 Kogan.com acquired the Dick Smith brand trademarks intellectual property and its online business.

Dick Smith Electronics

Founded on the philosophy of customer service the success of Dick Smith Electronics is dependent on building and maintaining customer loyalty and providing customers with the latest technology quality products competitive prices backed up with after sales support.


In 1968 a young electronics technician named Dick Smith opened a car radio installation business in Artarmon a suburb of Sydney. The business began in tiny rented premises beneath a car park but due largely to good customer service and Dick Smith's flair for gaining publicity it soon flourished and in 1969 it moved to larger premises.

By 1980 the company expanded to over 20 stores and grew so much that working capital could no longer be supplied by Dick Smith alone. As a consequence he sold a 60% share holding to the big Australian retail chain Woolworths and in 1982 he sold the balance to them. From that point on the company has continued to grow and flourish at an impressive rate.

Interestingly when Woolworths bought out the company it also bought the rights to the familiar black and yellow logo which incorporated the name and face of Dick Smith. Research showed that the public felt comfortable and secure with a company that had become one of Australia's retail success stories. This is still true today which is why the face and name of Dick Smith is still strongly connected with the company.

Dick Smith Electronics has grown steadily over the years to become firmly established as a dynamic force in the Australasian electronics retail industry. It has a reputation for honest ethical business dealings and is a profitable and soundly managed enterprise. With its business expansion strong branding and good reputation Dick Smith Electronics is enjoying the position it has achieved as a market leader.

Our Story


It's simple. Dick Smith Foods are made in Australia by Australian owned companies using Australian grown ingredients.

We know that in Australia we have the most Magnificent Australian grown produce manufactured here in safe controlled factories within our strict food manufacturing and labelling laws.

We also believe supporting local industry is important because it provides employment for Australians and all the profits remain here helping the future of our Australia.

Dick Smith Foods supports products which are produced by Australian owned businesses which are Australian grown and made and we support Australian owned companies which operate in a highly ethical manner. We encourage you do this by making the most powerful statement you can as a consumer with your buying choices.

Since the beginning Dick Smith Foods has donated over $9 million to more than 400 charitable organisations.

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