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 ◉ active-sydney
active-sydney is an on-line interactive forum for information and inspiration about social change in Sydney. It comprises the website and three mailing lists. The website has informa ..

 ◉ Australian National Committee on Refugee Women
ANCORW is a lobbying, advocacy and research group which works with and for refugee women and their families in order to bring about change in the refugee system and to enhance their ability to rebuild their liv ..

 ◉ Do Something!
Do Something! is a new type of not-for-profit organisation that brings together the resources of the business community and the goodwill of the Australian public. We work to create and promote positive social ..

 ◉ FoodWise
FoodWise is a national campaign thats organised by the action group Do Something!. The aim of our campaign is to get Australians to reduce the environmental impact of their food consumption. In short, we want p ..

 ◉ Global Human Rights Torch Relay
The Human Rights Torch Relay is an international campaign that seeks to bring an end to all human rights abuses against the people of China, while highlighting the persecution of Falun Gong - the most severely ..

 ◉ Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission
Our goal is to foster greater understanding and protection of human rights in Australia and to address the human rights concerns of a broad range of individuals and groups. HREOCs responsibilities include: ..

 ◉ New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC)
As the States peak representative body in Aboriginal Affairs, the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council aims to protect the interests and further the aspirations of its members and the broader Aboriginal comm ..

 ◉ Quilt for Refugees
Innocent men, women and children are being imprisoned in Australian detention centres. Their only crime has been looking for safety and security in a country that signed the Universal Declaration of Human Ri ..

 ◉ Sustainable Population Australia-SPA
Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) was formed in 1988 by people who felt that the issue of human population numbers was overlooked, or regarded as too contentious, by many of those striving to preserve Aust ..

 ◉ The Socialist Alliance
The Socialist Alliance is an anti-capitalist party. We stand for socialism - a democratic society that is run by and for working people, not the tiny, greedy, destructive elite that now rules. We stand for p ..

 ◉ The Stop the War Coalition
The Stop the War Coalition was formed after a majority of delegates of the Walk Against War Coalition - which facilitated the large demonstrations against the US-led invasion of Iraq in February and March 2003 ..

 ◉ We are all Boat People
We are ordinary Australians who are appalled at the inhumane treatment of refugees by our government. We have decided to get involved and challenge the border panic encouraged by the current rhetoric of fear ..

 ◉ White Ribbon
White Ribbon is an organisation that works to prevent male violence against women. It is a male-led campaign that believes that most men are good and that good men abhor such violence. White Ribbon also bel ..

 ◉ Your Rights at Work
Thousands of Australians are joining the fight to protect Your Rights at Work. There has never been a better time to get active and do your bit and lobby the government for better laws. Were fighting to p ..