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 ◉ eBay
eBay is The Worlds Online Marketplace, enabling trade on a local, national and international basis. With a diverse and passionate community of individuals and small businesses, eBay offers an online platform ..

 ◉ Just Lower Auction Bidding
The Just Lower Auction Bidding portal is where the lowest unique bid WINS. Also included feature for sellers, Auction Direct to global buyers and start Online Bid Auction. Just Lower Auctions™ Is A Un ..

 ◉ Manheim | Automotive Auctions
Manheim is Australias largest provider of automotive auction services. We hold weekly used car auctions for passenger, Government, SUV & 4WDs, commercial, clearance and prestige vehicles as well as auctions inc ..

 ◉ Mossgreen Auctions
Mossgreen is Australia's leading multi-department Auction House, offering expertise and auctions in: Single-Owner Auctions Fine Australian & International Art Indigenous Australian Art Asian Arts ..

 ◉ Shannons
Shannons insurance products are specially tailored to the individual needs of motoring enthusiasts and relies on direct contact with clients rather than through other agents or brokers. Today as part of the ..

 ◉ is a unique auction website where the Highest Unique Bid and Lowest Unique Bid auctions are available to our members. This is a site where we let you use your skill to get top quality produ ..

 ◉ X5 Reverse Auctions
X5 adopted the principle of reverse auctions which means that instead of bidding for the highest price will make you a winner, the lowest and unique bid at the end of the reverse auctions period will win. X5 ..