Architecture Reference City Guide

 ◉ ANZAC War Memorial
The ANZAC War Memorial is Sydneys main commemorative military monument, designed by C. Bruce Dellit and completed in 1934. Located at the southern extremity of Hyde Park on the eastern edge of Sydneys centra ..

 ◉ Chifley Tower
Chifley Tower is located at 2 Chifley Square, Sydney. Its cross streets are Hunter, Phillip and Bent Streets. Due to its prominent location in the north-east CBD, the tower has broad harbour views from its 42 s ..

 ◉ Customs House
Customs House, located in the citys Circular Quay area, is one of Sydneys historic landmark buildings, and has featured in the working and cultural life of the city since it was constructed in 1845. Heritage ..

 ◉ Dr Chau Chak Wing Building
Construction of the Dr Chau Chak Wing Building commenced in 2012 and completed in November 2014 with the official opening on 2 February 2015. As the Sydney Opera House remains an iconic building the D ..

 ◉ General Post Office (GPO)
Until 1810, New South Wales had no regular postal service. On 26 June of that year the home of Isaac Nicholls was designated as the colonys first regular post office, under the order of Governor Macquarie. An 1 ..

 ◉ Government House
Government House was constructed between 1837 and 1845 by Edward Blore after the British government decided upon its necessity in Sydney in 1835. Its construction was supervised by Colonial Architect Mortime ..

 ◉ Justice and Police Museum | History
The Justice & Police Museum was originally the Water Police Court (1856), Water Police Station (1858) and Police Court (1886). Restored to their 1890s character, the buildings heavy blocks of sandstone, spik ..

 ◉ Parliament House
Parliament House in Sydney is located on Macquarie Streets east side and consists of several buildings housing the Parliament of New South Wales. The oldest part of Parliament House was first built as the no ..

 ◉ Sydney Observatory | History
The Sydney Observatory was built in 1858, is Australias oldest observatory and one of the most significant sites in the nations scientific history. Recognised as an item of state significance by the New Sout ..

 ◉ Sydney Town Hall
The Sydney Town Hall is one of Sydneys best-loved icons. For more than a century it has been the citys major public and civic building, its clock a popular landmark and the marble steps leading up to the ent ..

 ◉ The Great Synagogue
The Great Synagogue in Sydney, Australia was designed by non-Jewish architect Thomas Rowe and consecrated in 1878. Sporadic Jewish worship was originally led in Australia by former convict Joseph Marcus in ..

 ◉ The Mint
Constructed between 1811-1816 in the former southern wing of the Sydney Hospital, the Mint was known as the Rum Hospital, built by private contractors in exchange for an exclusive license to import rum. It ..