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◉ Australian Skeptics
Australian Skeptics
PO Box 268 Roseville
The Australian Skeptics Inc. is a group that investigates the paranormal and pseudo-science from a responsible scientific viewpoint. The Australian Skeptics were founded in Victoria in 1980, after a visit t

02 9417-2071Australian Skeptics
PO Box 268
◉ Date and Time-Current
Date and Time-Current The current local date and time in Sydney, N.S.W.. Time & - Local Time The World Clock - Time Zones Current time and date - World Clock Info Daylight S

Date and Time-Current
Mystery Ghosts & Unexplained

◉ Paul Charles William Davies
Paul Charles William Davies
Paul Charles William Davies (born April 22, 1946) is a British-born physicist, writer and broadcaster, presently a professor at Arizona State University, as well as the Director of BEYOND: Center for Fundamenta

Paul Charles William Davies
◉ Shire Paranormal Research
Shire Paranormal Research
Flinders Rd Woolooware
Based in the Sutherland area of Sydney, Shire Paranormal Research provide an open minded scientific approach to investigating claims of the paranormal. Currently a not for profit organization we are happy t

0424166645Shire Paranormal Research
Flinders Rd
◉ Sydney Contributes to Millenium Seed Bank
Sydney Contributes to Millenium Seed Bank
Sydney Botanic Gardens has contributed to the Millennium Seed Bank project, a British-based initiative aiming to collect and conserve seeds from 10 per cent of the worlds flowering plants by 2010. The projec

Sydney Contributes to Millenium Seed Bank
◉ Sydney Date and Time-Current
Sydney Date and Time-Current For the current local time in Sydney - New South Wales - Australia and shows the time difference between Sydney time and other time zones. - Time & - Sydney Time - The World Clock

Sydney Date and Time-Current
◉ The Milky Way twice the size we thought it was
The Milky Way twice the size we thought it was
It took just a couple of hours using data available on the internet for University of Sydney scientists to discover that the Milky Way is twice as wide as previously thought. Astrophysicist Professor Bryan G

The Milky Way twice the size we thought it was
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