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Leigh Paatsch (HeraldSun) reviews the latest cinema releases to enjoy these holidays If it’s simply too hot for a day at the beach, pack up the family and head to the movies. Upd..

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IMAX Cinema

IMAX Cinema is currently closed, reopening in 2019

IMAX Cinema in Darling Harbour has the world's largest IMAX screen.

The theatre screens films in 2D and 3D you with blockbusters and bespoke IMAX titles on offer to guarantee a truly breathtaking movie going experience.

The IMAX Darling Harbour screen is SIX times larger than the next biggest screen in Sydney - no other screen comes close in size. Up to eight storeys high, the screen is ten times larger than a traditional cinema screen and fills the whole field of human vision. The giant film frames offer far greater resolution than the average 35mm film and all existing digital cinema projection systems.